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to my tiny site. I (Stephan Hein, that is) am a german sociologist. My main fields of interest are educational organizations, the organization of the life course and documentary/reporting work in modern living conditions. Beside these scopes grounded in practical experiences and empirical work I also have certain theoretical interests concerning the Parsonian systems-of-action framework and its various levels of societal analysis.

I used to work for several years at the Dresden University of Technology, where I did the research for my dissertation (2003-2007) and at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences for Social Work, Education and Care, where I did research on educational topics, especially on literacy (2007-2011). Since 2011 I work as a lecturer in sociology and as a student advisor (again) at the Dresden University of Technology.

Though I feel not obliged to a certain theoretical or conceptual framework, I feel associated to a certain style of sociology - a way of looking at things common to such different prolific writers like Talcott Parsons and Erving Goffman. I hope my writing will reflect this some day.

In my writing section you will find a list of my publications. Some of them are available as *.pdf-files. Since they are in german to this day, I added translations of the titles and some abstracts.


2014-03-23 So

Start of my new (reworked, shrinked and more compact) site.

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